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Posted by Sarah Oliver
District 6440 Foundation Chair PDG Sarah Oliver is pleased to announce that, once again, a most generous anonymous donor is making Rotary Foundation recognition points available to match unrestricted cash contributions to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund-SHARE. This is a great opportunity for Rotarians to become new Paul Harris Fellows. Do take advantage of this generous donation and support the wonderful work of Rotary International.
Here are the rules to qualify for 500 match points:
  1. Donations to The Rotary Foundation must be in the amount of $500 or more, in a single payment from a club member or from the member's club by accumulation of past contributions. Larger donations are encouraged. District 6440 will match the first $500 with 500 points to achieve first level Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
  2. Donations must be designated to the Foundation’s Annual Fund-SHARE.
  3. Payment to The Rotary Foundation may be made by check or credit card by the donor or club (on behalf of the donor) or a combination thereof. Submit completed Form 123-EN with payment to: Laura Kline, 1628 Old Barn Circle, Libertyville, IL 60048;, phone 847-247-1886 (home), 847-219-2163 (cell). If payment is made by credit card, you may submit to Laura Kline by email ( and it will be completed and forwarded to RI by email. This allows for almost immediate processing. Use snail mail if you are not comfortable with this option for security reasons.
  4. Do NOT send payment or forms directly to The Rotary Foundation.
Laura is happy to assist with any questions. Please give her a call or email her. Please complete the first page of the attached Rotary Foundation Contribution Form and send (with check or credit card information on the form) to:
Laura Kline
District 6440 Annual Fund District Match Chairperson
1628 Old Barn Circle
Libertyville, IL 60048
For new Paul Harris Fellows only, a contribution of $500 will be matched by an anonymous donor in Rotary District 6440 to achieve the first level Paul Harris Fellow. This does not apply to Multiple Paul Harris Fellows.
Anyone who contributes a gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program – or in whose name that amount is contributed – may become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a Paul Harris pin.
For additional gifts totaling $1,000 or more, a Paul Harris Fellow is recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and is eligible to receive a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow pin with additional stones. Recognition levels are determined by the following guidelines:
One Sapphire $2,000 - $2,999
Two Sapphires $3,000 - $3,999
Three Sapphires $4,000 - $4,999
Four Sapphires $5,000 - $5,999
Five Sapphires $6,000 - $6,999
One Ruby $7,000 - $7,999
Two Rubies $8,000 - $8,999
Three Rubies $9,000 - $9,999

Rotarians who commit to contributing at least $1,000 annually are recognized as members of the Paul Harris Society. Download the Enrollment form with the adjacent link.