Rotary District 6440 is committed to maintaining a respectful environment that is free from any kind of harassment, which includes unwelcome verbal, visual, written or physical contact, advances, or comments that harass, disrupt, or interfere with another's participation in any Rotary activities by creating an intimidating or hostile environment.

A task force of D6440 Rotarians with relevant professional experience developed our District's policy, which provides guidance to all members and Clubs on how to prevent and address harassment.  The policy, and a flow chart which summarizes the response to a complaint, can be downloaded from this page.
District 6440 recommends clubs form Harassment Prevention Committees (HPC) to address these kinds of allegations.  The District will work with clubs to communicate this policy and procedure for preventing and addressing harassment within clubs, among members, and with other participants.
Questions can be directed to, for the attention of the District Harassment Prevention Committee.

12 October 2020