Lincolnshire Morning Star Sponsors College Student Exchange Program

In line with Building Communities Bridging Continents, the Lincolnshire Morning Star club signed a Sister Club Agreement with the Rotary Club of Subic, Zambales of  District 3790 in the Philippines.  

The main goal of a Sister Club relationship is to emphasize the international aspect of Rotary service, friendship and cultural understanding.  In spite of the fact that the Subic, Zambales club celebrated its 30th anniversary this year with more than 60 members, it has done very little internationally. This summer, Virgilio "Vir" Cawagdan, a past president of the Subic Rotary club was visiting several clubs in  District 6440 with his wife, who is also a Rotarian.  At every visit, he mentioned the desire of his club to start a sister club relationship.  

While visiting the Lincolnshire Morning Star club one Thursday morning, D6440 World Community Service Chair Marianna Zeidler offered herself to take Vir to visit Rotary International headquarters in Evanston that same morning.  For all of us in the Home District, it is hard to imagine what a visit to Evanston means to those outside our District, let alone to a Rotarian from another country or continent.  Thanks to the advances in file transfer technology, photos of Vir's visit to R.I. were transferred instantly to his club, which coincidentally meets Thursday evenings (Philippines time).  

That same Thursday, Marianna had planned to visit the Waukegan club for lunch, so Vir got dragged along and got to visit the "First and Oldest Club" of our District 6440.  All the "Rotary" driving around, and subsequent visits to Lincolnshire led to the "getting acquainted" and to the final signing of the Sister Club Agreement which was conducted at the Lincolnshire Morning Star breakfast meeting of August 5, 2010, preceding the club's 18th Annual Herb Didier Memorial Golf Outing.  

The Agreement was signed by Club President Vic Fernitz, representing the Lincolnshire Morning Star Club, and Past Club President Virgilio Cawagdan, who was duly designated for this purpose by the current club president of the Rotary Club of Subic, Zambales, Edwin B. Reyes.  In a gesture of support, the Rotary Club of Subic bought an Ad in the Golf Outing's program book and some raffle tickets.  

Vir and his wife Lourdes left for the Philippines on Saturday, August 7, with a unique sense of Rotary fellowship and pride which will be transmitted to their home club upon arrival.  As both of the clubs meet on Thursdays, one for breakfast and one for dinner, which across the globe happens about the same time; it will be only a matter of time when these new sister clubs will be conducting their first "Rotary-nars" (or instant web enabled meetings) ... stay tuned!

Marianna Zeidler

International Communications Specialist
(847) 726-9371
Rotary Club of Lincolnshire Morning Star

D6440 - World Community Service Chair
D6440 - Directory Coordinator
Organizer of the Rotary Club of Grayslake