The Club is very involved in on-going international service projects related to medical diagnostic imaging (eg. x-ray, ultrasound & the like).
Their diagnostic imaging mission statement is:
To share existing expertise with Rotary Clubs and Districts
to assist in installation and sustainability of International
standards for X-ray systems to meet the urgent needs
of underserved communities for primary care diagnostic
Given that 2/3+ of the world’s population has no access to x-rays and the resulting benefits for healthcare, there is a huge & on-going need for Rotary (and outside-Rotary parties) to get involved.  Our club has expertise that you and others can leverage to improve the lives of what typically is 50,000 – 100,000+ patients per x-ray site (that’s the effect of a typical project that we assist in).
The Club is presently interacting in some capacity for medical diagnostic imaging projects in:
- Ukraine
- Tanzania
- Uganda
- Honduras
- Sierra Leone
- Nepal
And more keep developing each month
The Club is looking to establish a vehicle for continuous fund raising and project planning/design/management/grant assistance/installation/sustainability with the goal of improving the healthcare and therefore the lives of millions of the 3rd world’s population.
The Club is looking in a way that is rewarding for its members and its service mission!