You can promote the image of Rotary by using these often-overlooked opportunities:


Asking community organizations to publicly acknowledge a contribution from Rotary.

Your club's charitable giving includes grants to local non-profit organizations. Have you ever asked them to include a note of thanks to your club in their next communication? Their publication reaches an audience that might include someone interested in joined an organization that supports their favorite cause.


Seeking recognition for member volunteers.   Rotarians take Service Above Self seriously and are often also volunteers in one or more organizations outside of Rotary. Many communities have organizations that recognize outstanding volunteers with an annual award.  So, the next time nominations are accepted why not write a nomination for one of your members who is also a volunteer for their house of worship, a community organization or who does other volunteer work. Then write a nomination again the following year and every year thereafter. If no organization presents annual Volunteer Awards why not consider starting such a program for your community. This is a great way for you club to honor Service Above Self.


Promoting the good work of youth.

  • Students who receive academic scholarships
    • Does your club award academic and or vocational scholarships?  Do you always send a press release announcing the names of the students you have honored with a scholarship? If not, you should.
  • Students who receive volunteer awards
    • Does you club recognize students for their volunteer work? What do you do to promote these awards?

   Partnering with other community organizations

  • Is there a community event where your Rotary Club can help staff a booth, serve food or do some other task?
    • It provides a visual impact if everyone is wearing a Rotary shirt as well.
  • Have you ever considered doing a joint community project or holding your fund-raising or fun event during an existing community event?
    • Holding your event in conjunction with an established community event can often add another dimension to the established event.
    • The benefit for your club is you have a built-in audience and can be included in the publicity the other organization generates.
    • This is especially helpful if your event takes place as part of a Village or Park District sponsored event.