The first step in making a PR plan is to make a list of each publication and each way you will publicize the event. The list may take you some time to complete. However, once it is done you will not have to do it again.  Your list should include the name of the contact(s) at the publication.  Then you need to list the phone number, fax number and email for each contact and find out their preferred method of receiving press releases.  You will also need to include in your list the deadline for receiving information. Each newspaper and often for each department in the newspaper have different deadlines. Do this for each publication you might use.


While you are gathering the information remember to find out whether they prefer actual photos or digital images. If they prefer digital you will also need to know what format and size they accept.


You can find the address and phone number for many Illinois newspapers at: or do an online search.  Another source for this information is the yearly Media Guide, which you can find at the reference department in most libraries.


After gathering the information you should develop a timeline that includes:

      Task Date

      Publication name:                                      

      Contact name and phone number. Remember to update the list as needed.

      Deadline date:

      Date newspaper delivered:

            Later, if you insert your Press Release for the annual events you will have

            the information the   following year. Do this for EACH place you are going

            to send a PR release.

      Posters, flyers etc.(Remember to list the places people can bring items being

            collected by yourclub or where they can buy tickets for the event.)

      Number of posters printed

      Rotarians who will hang poster in their business

      Other places in town to hang posters


Determine Photo Opportunities

      Are you selling tickets to the event?

      Who is in charge?

      When and where?

      Drawing winning ticket

      Newspapers want action photos not "Grip and Grin" photos of a check being handed over.


Determine Follow Up

      Thank You Ad

      Date ad copy due is often weeks before it appears so you have to plan ahead.

      Contact name and phone number:                       


Determine what is needed to prepare ad copy

      List of Donors

      Who has this information?

      When will it be available?

      List of contributors

      Who has this information?

      When will it be available?


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