Simply put, PR and promotion should not be an afterthought. When time and investment are put into the job your club will reap huge benefits.


Currently, PR chairs are often assigned the duty without regard to their ability to spend time, or take the time to get the job done properly.  They may not know what will make a good story, how to write a press release, or that building media relationships is an essential element of good PR and Promotion.


We are all Rotary volunteers and most of us cannot spend our workdays thinking or planning Rotary PR and Promotion.  So, how do you find a person willing to take the time and make the investment in seeing your club prosper through successful PR and Promotion efforts? Look around your club. Is there an individual who is often quoted in the paper? That person already has the knowledge and/or interest to make media contacts. They have also attained some of the essential elements in good PR - reliability, consistency and trustworthiness. Might they be willing to spend the time, energy and effort to do your Club PR and Promotion job successfully? You'll never know unless you ask.


Much more goes into getting your story published than having a person willing to do the work, or sending a release to the press. Check the links on the left to see other essential elements needed to make PR and Promotion for your club more successful.