The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove enjoys the sponsorship of the Interact Club at Cary-Grove High School. Each year they seem to find new ways to support each other's programs and events.

Of particular significance this year was the Rotary Club's financial and "hands-on" support of Interact's Mobile Market & Cary Food Pantry events.

Early in the year, the Interact officers shared their objective to provide food to families in need in the Cary-Grove area. Working together, they separated this into two projects. The first was the Mobile Market event. The students took the initiative to organize and coordinate the entire event. This included ordering the Mobile Market truck, arranging space with Algonquin Township to conduct the event, coordinating with the Cary Food Pantry, and scheduling manpower with both Interact and Rotary members. This event took place on November 1, 2008, and benefited more than 125 families.

The second event was conducted on February 21, 2009. Activities included the "hands-on" purchasing, delivery, and stocking of items at the Cary Food Pantry. The combined projects were paid for through club contributions and a District Simplified Grant.

The club membership continues to recognize and support the importance of this partnership with Cary-Grove High School. To expand on the importance of youth involvement, the club has begun conversations with McHenry County College to begin a Roteract Club. Part of that process will be utilizing those Interact students that will be attending MCC in the fall.