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District Training Assembly

April 6 Harper College Wojcik Center

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8:00 - 8:30  -  Coffee and Fellowship 

8:30 Welcome
Brian King, Rotary International Director of Membership Development. Brian and his team develop and implement targeted efforts at the club, district, zone, and organizational level that strengthen each club's capacity to attract and engage a vibrant and diverse member base.

9:15 —11:30 
Rotary Basics with Mary Beth Growney Selene, Rotary International Trustee 2016-19 and Rotary International Director 2013-15.

9:15  Breakouts:

Membership/Satellite Clubs
Friendship Exchange—Learn How to host and participate in Friendship Exchanges
Club Runner 
Community Service

10:15  Break

10:30  Breakouts:

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My Rotary 
Vocational Service/Scholarship
Youth Service

11:30  —11:45  Presidents Elect Meet and Greet with Assistant Governor
Noon-2:00 PM Assistant Governor Training