South Shore Cultural Center
7059 S. South Shore Dr
Chicago, IL  60649
United States

RI President Ian H.S. Riseley will host six presidential peacebuilding conferences in 2018 to explore the connection between peace and Rotary’s five other areas of focus plus environmental sustainability. By focusing on the areas where Rotary does its most significant work, the series will:

  • Elevate Rotary’s status as a global leader in each area of focus

  • Demonstrate The Rotary Foundation’s impact on our causes

  • Educate and inspire participants to increase their Rotary service

  • Provide an opportunity for members and nonmembers to explore project partnerships

The last of these Conferences, and the only one in the U.S., will be hosted by Chicago on Saturday, June 2, with the theme of Peace Through Education and Literacy.  

  • Be Inspired --- Learn about the many innovative ways Rotarians and other groups are Peacebuilding through Education and Literacy

  • Form Partnerships - There will be many opportunities to meet and develop partnerships as there will be over two dozen organizations sharing their best practices in effecting peace

  • Take Action - You will leave the meeting inspired, excited to develop partnerships, and ready to take action in Peacebuilding in your community and in the world

Following are the plenary and breakout sessions for Rotarians and Community Leaders. 

  • Keynote Speaker:  Importance of Peacebuilding through Education and Literacy

  •  Education and Literacy – Foundations of International Peace 

  •  Work Locally – Global and District Grants

  •  Peacebuilding on the Ground in Chicago – Presentation of Paul Harris Fellows

  •  Prevention of Violence in Young People by Teaching Peace

  •  Curtailing Violence By Addressing Epidemic of Violence and Sustainable Development Goals

  •  Peace and Education – Never Too Late

  •  What Can We As Rotarians Do?

On a separate track, high school students and Interact students will be engaged in a Rotary-UN Model Day focused on Peacebuilding through Education Resolutions in another part of the South Shore Cultural Center.  The Rotarians and Community Leaders will hear from the Student Caucus Leaders from the Rotary-UN Model Day at the end of the program.  ‚ÄčClick here for more information.