At this point the Rotary Club of  Skokie Valley is looking at two possibilities of international service, one in Monterrey, Mexico, and the second one in Ipiales, Colombia.
The Monterrey initiative aims at providing essential medical supplies for patients in advanced state of terminal disease.This initiative  has been developing for a while. The Rotary community in Monterrey (D4130) is relatively affluent, and they have a  history of working with Skokie  Club on international projects.
The Ipiales initiative is centered on providing basic food support and essential items for a chain of small community centers in that community in southern Colombia. The Ipiales Rotarians seem genuinely committed to serve, but their level of expertise in international initiatives seems to be only developing. One additional element here has been their previous collaboration with local government entities, which have provided help and support, but in their turn expect to have their say in the whole thing. As in the instance of Monterrey, this initiative started during  the last Rotary year.