District 6440
Short-Term Exchange Program


Go Beyond a Vacation with Rotary Short-term reciprocal exchange program: 

High School students have an opportunity to experience a cultural exchange in a foreign country during the summer.  An outcome of this program is families bonding to create lifelong International friendship. 


Rotary Youth Exchange short-term program is offered to High School students that will be between 15 and 19 by June 1 the summer of the exchange.  Students graduating High School are eligible for this program if meet age and other requirements - such as above average grades, are flexible, and are willing to try new things.   Student must agree go on exchange for at minimum three weeks in their hosted country and the family (student and parents) must agree to host the twin student for at minimum three weeks. 


Students are initially interviewed by members of the sponsoring local Rotary club.  clubs might offer an information session in September for interested students and parents.  Selection is usually made by end of November. 


Travel arrangements are the family responsibility.  Families coordinate the duration and timing of the exchange to include vacations near and/or far from home.  The program is flexible enough to usually work around family commitments as long as the three weeks in each country is achieved. 


Rotary volunteers administers the youth exchange programs, and with hosting the students in the short-term program, the costs are kept to a minimum.  Cost for the short-term program typical average is $1500 which includes:
  • $150 non-refundable fee to cover training and administrative costs
  • Round-trip airfare (using miles, discounted fares or websites)
  • Student travel insurance through Rotary
  • Spending money while overseas
  • Additional costs can be incurred based on your families agenda while hosting your overseas twin


The short-term program is based on relationships build with other countries and Districts and with countries that have summer breaks in a similar time period as the US schools.  Language(s) being studied are considered in identifying potential countries to find a twin.  Europe is a popular destination for short-term students.  Matches are typically communicated in the February or March time period. 


 The first step is to complete a preliminary application and be interviewed by a District 6440 Rotary club.  If selected you will be asked to complete a full electronic student application and the parents are to complete a Host Family application.   

How do you become a Host Family:

To become a host family requires an electronic application, criminal background checks of all adults at home, reference checks, home visit, online Youth Protection training, and in-person training.  Host families are required to provide the exchange student with room and board while in their home.  The exchange student must have their own bed.  They can share a bedroom with a student of the same gender.  

What to learn more? 

Contact District 6440 Short Term Youth Exchange Chair - Ulrich (Rick) Kuehn