In a report commissioned by R.I., nonmembers stated, they might be interested in Rotary if they knew what we did!


You probably read some of the great articles in the public media about Rotary International's 100th anniversary. Or you may have seen the recent full-page artice in the Chicago Tribune. Didn't they make you proud to be a Rotarian? Rotary International's recent media coverage has given us all a foundation to build upon, and each club must strive to tell their community just what good work they have accomplished.


At one time Rotary kept a low profile - this is not the way Rotary is doing business at the beginning of its second century. Even Rotary Founder Paul Harris thought promotion was important. He said,

"In the promotion of understanding, it is important to reach large

numbers - non-Rotarians as well as Rotarians - and you can not

reach large numbers privately."


PR is a major tool for introducing Rotary and encouraging prospective members. Our clubs will benefit by maintaining this high level of public awareness.


 Let's keep the momentum going and not miss this opportunity to let everyone know what we do.