When we think of PR and Promotion the first thing that comes to mind is newspapers and how to get our stories into print.  Yet, internal club communication is equally if not more important.


Good club communication ensures club members are kept informed about club activities and helps to achieve the participation of all members in club projects to the fullest extent of their interest and/or ability. Another added benefit is that with understanding of the work the club does comes a sense of accomplishment that strengthens the club.


Our Rotary meetings are chocked full of the weekly activities and announcements. In most clubs a continuous stream of words from the front of the room floats into the room while the rest of us catch up with tablemates between mouthfuls of food. So, it is important to find additional ways to present information to your club. Two places to begin are strengthening the flow of information between the board and the average club member and by using your club bulletin for more than a recap of last week's meeting.


Strengthen internal club communications by giving it more than lip service - give it Service Above Self and watch the results. Remember Rotarians must know what their club is doing so they can explain it to prospective members when asked, "Just what is Rotary?"