District 6440 will be well represented by these fine four young adults who seek opportunities for service and promotion of international understanding. If approved by Rotary International, they will study abroad as representatives of Rotary in the academic year 2011 - 2012. 
And the winners are:

Ryan Brod, currently a cadet at West Point, was nominated by the Elk Grove Village Rotary Club. He is undecided whether to pursue a career in the military of foreign service, but is committed to ideals of service and peace. Ryan understands the importance of language fluency to international relations, and has mastered the Arabic language. He hopes to be assigned to a university in an Arabic speaking country or in Israel.
Maggie Domaradzki, selected by the Rotary Club of Villa Park, is a recent graduate of Northwestern University. While a student, she worked for two years in the Membership Development Department at Rotary International where she became impressed with Rotary's service programs. She has already spent 2.5 months in Uganda for study in pursuit of her degree in peace and conflict studies. Maggie hopes to work in peer mediation or in youth work re gang violence, perhaps after working for some time with an NGO.
Brittany Shepherd is a medical student at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine and was proposed by the Rotary Club of Evanston. She has an unusual background with an undergraduate major in art history. Brittany is preparing for a career in medicine and public health. She has been involved in an HIV early intervention program as a medical student volunteer. Clearly aware of the world around her, she talked comfortably about environmental issues and the economy as well as topics related to health.
Marissa Cramer was nominated by the Northbrook Rotary Club. She graduated with distinction from Stanford University with a major in international relations and Arabic. Having already served for a year as a fellow with United Nations Watch and having lived for a year each in Switzerland and Jordan, Marissa wants to study in the Middle East, live with a host family and work on Rotary projects, particularly involving children.