Are you, like a Boy Scout, ‘always prepared’?   Last week, I arrived a little early to our club meeting. We are a lunch club and as I entered the room, I noticed a few new faces, sitting at a table, writing something. Then it hit me – we had two new members being inducted/installed. This was a good opportunity for a PR photo opportunity, I thought to myself. I grabbed my Smartphone and went to the Facebook login and snapped, then uploaded a picture. My caption was “Future in the next half hour”. We started the meeting and while everyone got up to go to the buffet, I ran down the hall to my office. My Facebook was open on my computer and I saw we had a response to the newly-posted photo. “How do I join? Where are the meetings?” were the questions posed.

Now, really, how hard was that? How difficult was that to snap a photo and post it? How much effort did it take to give it a quick caption? The answer is: that was easy.

Are you prepared for some PR for your club? It doesn’t have to take hours of preparation. You don’t always need a licensed photographer or award-winning writer. It takes you! Get the word out – show what your club is doing. You never know who may be reading.

-Luanne Triolo Newman, Rotary Club of Carol Stream