Good afternoon
As we all know we are in the midst of a COVID-19 surge that could continue for months......and all with the hope of the COVID-19 vaccine on its way starting with the front-line health workers; followed by those at risk; and eventually the rest of the population in the US. 
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has started an Ambassador program for outreach to all communities throughout Illinois -- the goal is for peer to peer communication on COVID-19 prevention initiatives as well as COVID-19 immunizations as soon as they are available.
I have been volunteering with IDPH on a variety of initiatives and this is one that we know will engage and inform more people.  They would like Rotarians to be involved because of their knowledge and passion for Polio immunizations to stop the spread of the disease --- and they know that some Rotarians were young when Polio struck in the US and have memories of the need to protect children ---- sort of like the need now to protect vulnerable populations.
If you are interested in getting involved as a Prevention Ambassador with the Illinois Department of Public Health, additional information is below and also in the attached one-pager.  If you or someone in your District/Clubs want to take this on, please have them complete the survey at so IDPH has their contact info as materials will be sent to them soon and training will be right after Thanksgiving.
Thank you - if you have questions, let me know.
Patricia Merryweather-Arges, PDG 
Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator - 2018 - 2021
Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group Board - 2019-2022
Rotary District International Services Chair 2016-2023
District Representative to Council on Legislation and Resolution 2020-2023
Presidential Peace Conference Chair in Chicago, 2018
Rotary Club of Naperville
Cell:  630-202-5579
With COVID-19 cases rising there is a need and opportunity to engage with and empower everyday Illinoisans across the state, in an ongoing and intentional way, to assist in outreach and prevention efforts.  By giving Illinoisans opportunities to serve and assist in Illinois’ COVID-19 response efforts this enables them to become contributors, problem solvers and partners in helping their communities. 
I am reaching out to ask if you would consider serving as an Ambassador or assist in identifying Ambassadors from the community you live and work in.  For more information, description of role and responsibilities, and to sign up please see this one-pager.
The commitment for this effort is minimal and can be incorporated into your daily life (examples include sending out an email to a listserv you may be subscribed to, sharing flyers with information, doing a facebook live, participating or hosting a Zoom meeting, making an announcement during your small group, church, mosque or other place of worship, etc.).  IDPH will work with Ambassadors on an ongoing, regular basis to provide support, share accurate and current information, and ultimately to ensure community impact. 
Greatly appreciate you considering.
Be well,
Juana Ballesteros
Manager, Community Public Health Outreach
IL Department of Public Health