What a great weekend Sharing the Rotary Experience at the fabulous Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.  Thanks to all who participated and special thanks to Rod Pickett for sharing these wonderful images with us, and RI President's Rep PDG Don Alhart for capturing our memories in his

Ode to District 6440

 (Click more to read the entire ode by
RI President's Representative Don Alhart)

An ode to 64-40
In Milwaukee cause we care
A Rotary experience
For all of us to share

We hope it was productive
And you learned a thing or two
If not, to Governor Carlos
Some " s'plainin  you must do

Applause to Luanne Newman
With lines of folks to greet
Thirty seconds with each one
A chance for us to meet

From author Richard Cavenagh
An umpire who takes flight
He shared events and stories
Just about, but not just quite

Motivation from Daniel Seddiqui
His talk was sure first rate
We learned of every job he held
In each and every state

A noon Paul Harris luncheon
And if I may be so bold
I hope you enjoyed a lesson
From a. "Memory so Old!"

A Paul Harris for Rick Rivkin
All we can say is "Wow!"
For all of his fine efforts
To "End that polio NOW,"

The NID to India
The team gave us the word
Little children lining up
Each mouth a "little bird!"

And to David Waring
The banners we've unfurled
A salute to his fine Service Award
For a Polio Free World

The GSE Team from Taiwan
So glad to welcome you
And welcome back to OUR team
So glad to see YOU too

So neat to meet Mike Ericksen
Who thinks "outside the box"
A chance to see if HE or I
Had the most outrageous socks

Dinner with J. B. Pritzer
Inspired by the tale
Carefully sculpting "Crazy Horse"
"Be not afraid to fail!"

A talent show from Youth Exchange
David asked upon a whim
So now WE ask if Laura
Will go "to Prom" with HIM?

On Saturday the "Assembly"
And oh we had some fun
Cause Carlos and Mike Yesner
Rolled two events in one

"Be Engaged" the challenge
And before the weekend's through
Mike expects to hear you say
"I do, I do,I do!"

And just remember that "retain"
Is a word Mike wants to kill
He wants you to stay in Rotary
But NOT "against your will!"

A lesson in Future Vision
It's something that we'll need
And WE learned all about it
From Narayan and Walter Reed

Jerry Mills challenged each of us
"Wake up your greatness,make a mark
And in a single second
You might just find your "Spark!"

A challenge for us to get involved
A lesson in how to give
A lesson that we all can share
If we just learn how to give

A reminder from Katie Ehlis
Put aside the pen and pad
Embrace a "New Generation"
Change is difficult, not bad!

She ran us through an exercise
What's a guy to do?
When we find out PINK is GREEN
And RED is sometimes BLUE?

Innovations in the afternoon
Almost anything you wish
Learning about a new club
Or how to farm a fish

And to Narayan Mutarka
We give a mighty cheer
Named by Governor Carlos
"Innovator of the Year!"

What a wonderful conference
One we've enjoyed the most
To co-chairs Mike and Nancy
My glass is raised to "toast!"

And to emcees Nancy and Alan
You must learn to keep a lid
You tried ten puns to make us laugh
But "No Pun in ten DID"

And a dinner now- together
With new friends that I see
I hope that you will "Take the Plunge!
Embrace change along with me

The challenge from 64-40
Is now MY rallying cry
Do not be afraid to fail
Be afraid you didn't try

Thanks for making us feel at home
I look out and I see
New friends for a lifetime
New friends in ROTARY!