Posted on Jun 09, 2018
An urgent message from:
Jorge Aufranc
Director 2016-2018
Thank you very much on behalf of my Rotary Club Guatemala Sur, District 4250, but specially on behalf of the people suffering the consequences of the eruption.
Just to keep you posted, today arrived in Guatemala the  Shelter Box response team to evaluate the situation. Donations in kind, mainly medical supplies received from abroad, are being distributed in hospitals and humanitarian temporary shelters. Solidarity of Guatemalans allowed the government to distribute enough water, food and clothes to the affected people. Most of the cash received in donations by the Rotary Clubs is being utilized for medicine and special equipment for burn treatment.
The team spirit of Rotarians in Guatemala is awesome.
Rotary District 6440 is accepting donation for Guatemala relief through the District's CharItiable Foundation:
Rotary District 6440 Charitable Fund
Guatemala volcano relief 2018 to the donation options online at