There's a lively discussion going on within the Rotary group on that may be of interest to all District 6440 Rotarians.
The discussion began when a Rotarian from Pennsylvania posted the following message:

"I would like to start a discussion about wearing the Rotary pin. Do you wear yours everyday or just for meetings? I wear mine everyday and I try to encourage others to do so as well. When I was DG, I challenged anyone to catch me without my pin and I would make a contribution to TRF in their name. And I meant catch me anywhere: the grocery store, the bowling alley, church, work, wherever.

"Does your Club fine for not wearing your pin to meetings? Mine does. Have you struck up conversations with strangers as a result of your Rotary pin? I have, many times." Since posting the message, more than 200 Rotarians have responded with stories, suggestions, and miscellaneous comments about wearing the pin.

Here's just one example from District 6440 Rotarian Luanne Triolo, president of the Rotary Club of Carol Stream: "Our DG challenged our District 6440 club presidents to wear it for 60 days straight. After doing that, you just get USED to wearing it. It's great! Whenever I go to PETS, COTS training, or Rotary district conferences, I always pick up another one or two pins. There are also earrings for women, hanging earrings, with the Rotary logo. That counts, too!"