The new 2009-10 RI and TRF Annual report has just been released, and features photos and stories about District 6440's work in Guatemala.

The cover of the report features Isabel Gutierrez de Bosch, the first female Rotarian in Guatemala.  DGE Carlos Frum reports that she hosted our first district team to Guatemala with a dinner at her home and she visited District 6440 a few years ago.  She is very dedicated to the ‘girls’ hosted by her foundation.  She chaired the first emergency committee of the Guatemala city clubs to assist the victims of hurricane Stan.

Most significantly, the inside front cover (shown here) features our District 6440 service project team working on the construction of a library building at Ak’Tenamit.  In addition, the report features an article about Ak’Tenamit on page 10. 

You can see the entire report here.  You can learn more about the February 2011 service trips to Guatemala here.