District 6440 is ramping up our response to disasters. Bill Schuberth is our new Disaster Relief Liaison. He is currently coordinating District responses to two disasters, one in Louisiana and another closer to home.
Donations for Louisiana flood relief are now being accepted by the District's new Charitable fund.  Make a monetary contribution via PayPal:
Closer to home, long time Rotarians Dot and Bill Dustin, of the Lake in the Hills Rotary Club, lost their home and all of their belongings to a devastating fire. While insurance will cover much of their loss, they are now starting from scratch and need to completely refurnish a new home. 
You can help by donating items in good and serviceable condition. Our Disaster Response committee has set up an on-line spreadsheet where you may itemize goods you are offering to Dot and Bill. They are in need of anything present in a home, including furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, appliances, electronic items and entertainment equipment, kitchen utensils, dishware, pots and pans, small appliances and more. You can list your items for Dot and Bill by clicking here. Someone will shortly after you post your item.
Thank you for your generous support of those in need!