District 6440's Literacy Committee is striving for 100 percent club participation in literacy projects this year. In connection with that goal, it is surveying each of our district's clubs in order to compile a list of each club's current club literacy projects.
Your literacy project(s) can be as complex as one in which you are reading weekly to school children or as simple as providing money or collecting books for the major District 6440 conference project in collaboration with Book Friends International. Book Friends International has been working with the Wauconda club to ship English language books, including text books and manuals, to African countries.

Please send me a short email (tamimee@aol.com) response detailing your current or proposed literacy project. If you don't yet have a project, I would be happy to suggest several instantly successful projects that your club could easily undertake in addition to the ones listed above.

Tamiye Meehan
Community Service Advisor
Rotary District 6440