Did you know that the District 6440 website receives over 20,000 visits each year? Most from active Rotarians right here in our District.
Your business or club can now advertise on the site. Ad can be purchased to run for 1 year or 3 months. Proceeds will benefit Operations of our District, including paying for our annual ClubRunner license.
How it Works:
The website you were viewing can display banner ads across most pages.  District 6440 Rotarians Rotarians, plus visitors and guests, visit our website regularly. In the past year, the site has been visited over 20,000 times!
Since ads are displayed on the side panel, there are size limitations, which are as follows:
Width: Maximum of 240 pixels
Height: Varied. Prices are set according to the height of your ad 
Format of ads can either be graphic images or text.
Annual Pricing:
$150.00/year for up to 120 pixel height
$250.00/year for up to 240 pixel height
3 Month Pricing:
$75.00/year for up to 120 pixel height
$125.00/year for up to 240 pixel height
One ad will appear on the home page, with a random rotation of all ads. All ads will appear on most interior pages of the site, with a random order.
You can provide a website address which your ad will hyperlink to. This can be your homepage or any existing page within your site.
We will limit ads to 12. Preference will be given to annual sponsors.
Submit an Ad:
Email your artwork and your destination url link to webmaster@rotary6440.org.
You may pay for your ad by sending a check payable to Rotary District 6440 (note web ad in memo) to:
Rotary District 6440 Treasurer
Mort Wax
2438 Burgundy Lane
Northbrook IL 60062
Or, Pay with a credit card:
Choose Ad Type