The chart below is based upon research as to why Rotarians are Rotarians:

0-5 Year Rotarians

1.  Networking

2.  Professional Development

3.  Service with Peers

6-20 Year Rotarians

1.  Service to Community

2.  Maintain Friendships

20+ Year Rotarians

1.  Maintain Friendships

2.  Service to Community

3.  World Peace


Are we addressing the needs of each age group in our Rotary Clubs?  All of our Rotarians have their reasons for remaining in Rotary.  It is important that all of these needs, of each of our Rotarians, are met.  As we look to build a stronger Rotary, our Club leaders need to review this list and include all of members in the planning and execution of all five Avenues of Service to create a BIGGER BETTER and BOLDER Rotary.


   -- DGE Carlos Früm (from the Zone 28 Rotary Coordinator Newsletter)