Thanks to a Rotary International Public Image Grant and contributions from 49 clubs, a Facebook Ad Campaign began January 3rd.  Targeting service minded adults living in Northeast Illinois,  ads like the one below appear on Facebook and link to the District's Facebook Pages, including our "Welcome" and "20 Reasons to Join a Rotary Club" page.
You Can Help! 
To be effective, the campaign will need a steady stream of new ads.  We're looking for help creating ads, and are offering a $100 cash prize to the Rotarian who contributes the most effective ad!

Ads need a headline (25 characters max), Photo (best if landscape format) and Body copy/text (135 characters max).  Here are the two most effective ads we’ve run so far: 

For more information on how to design effective ads, check out this article

Suggested Headlines, Photos and Body Copy/Text should be emailed to Rich Lalley, who review with the campaign planning committee and then run on Facebook.  Ad effectiveness will be judged on "Click Through Rate", or how many times the ad is clicked per view.  The award will be made at the conclusion of the campaign in May. 

If you would like to participate in the campaign planning committee, contact Rich.