Contact: Mark Gibson
Fox River
United States of America

In collaboration with the Friends of the Fox River, our District 6440 is encouraging all area environmental lead members and clubs along the Fox River watershed to consider participating in this event. The more clubs and Rotarians participating, the greater our impact will be, and the resulting public image boost of Rotarians as community partners and environmental advocates.

To participate as an individual volunteer or club organizer, register at

For more information to help in planning your club's participation, review the River Cleanup Organizer’s Toolkit.

The FriendsOfTheFoxRiver will then contact you to review and assist with the logistics.

Clubs and Rotarians that are located on this watershed are most welcomed and should contacting a Rotary club on the Fox River, the area Lead Champion or by registering as a volunteer with FriendsOfTheFoxRiver.

Multiple club participation will greatly increase the environmental impact, enhance Rotary’s public image and recognition of Rotarians as community partners and environmental advocates.

Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, work gloves and plastic buckets in which to place the debris; identify a collection area and take pictures - of yourself, your families and what you collect, and submit them to the club you are participating with.

 As these are trying times, limiting #s by the hour and monitoring and maintaining social distancing is critical and every member’s comfort level needs your full attention.

Lead committee members

  • Northern region- Antioch-Cary Grove - Dawn Cassiday Turner
  • Central region- Algonquin-Dundee - Dody Lesueur
  • Southern region- Elgin- Batavia - Teri Dykhuis
  • District Environmental Committee Chair- Mark Gibson

Be sure to take lots of pictures, including what you collect, and kindly note your participation with the district environmental chair, Mark S. Gibson at