Task Force Mission

Educate and Engage Rotarians and Their Communities
and Disseminate Information Regarding
COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Rotary International
COVID Vaccination Call to Action

Rotary members from around the world are working with their communities to inform people about COVID-19, stop the spread of the coronavirus that causes it, support health care workers, and care for those that have been affected.

In December of 2020 Holger Knaack and Ravi Ravindran sent out a call to action. Click here to read their letter.

We ask you to encourage your clubs to:
  • Utilize Rotary’s knowledge of vaccine safety and efficacy based on our polio eradication efforts to conduct vaccination education and communication out reach in your communities.  This will need to be tailored to local contexts to meet unique cultural and regional needs.  Your leadership will be critical in crafting the appropriate messages and strategies.
  • Engage, where appropriate, our current eradication partners, WHO and UNICEF at the country level to offer Rotary’s support to COVID-19 response activities, including vaccination efforts.
  • Partner at the local level with governments, corporations, foundations to support Rotary activities at the country level.
We have one final call to action: Help us combat the powerful, growing force of vaccine resistance and misinformation.  Our advocacy in our communities will be critical – we need to spread the message about the power of vaccines to save lives.