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The Global Grant application goes through the following stages before its final approved by the Rotary Foundation. 
Pending Global Grants Status:  This is the status used by the district Grants Committee for all Global Grants that have been initiated by the sponsoring Rotary Club.  They are given a Pxx number.  These grant applications are still at their early developmental states.  They have neither reached their financing goal nor completed the application. 
Draft Status:  While at the Pending Global Grant status, the sponsoring club can open up an application online at RI website at any time during the process.  They will be assigned a grant number (GGxxxxxxx) and it will be placed in “DRAFT” status.  Applicants can make changes to the “Draft” as often as necessary.
DDF Approved Status:  Upon reaching its financing goal, the sponsoring club can request DDF approval    by the Grants Committee.  At this point, the Grants Committee earmarks the DDF for a specific project.
Submitted Status:  This is the status used by the Rotary Foundation when the application has finally been submitted.
Under Review Status:  The Rotary Foundation marks this status while it is being reviewed by the Regional Grants Officer.
Approved Status:  The application will show this status at the RI website when it is formally approved.
Please note that the application status can change from one to another during the review process.
Paid Status:  Soon after the Rotary Foundation wire transfers project funds, its status is changed to Paid.  At this point the project activities can begin.